30 or 22

Hi guys! I hope yall are doing well. I’ve been working on my new single since January this year and it has finally dropped! «30 or 22» is produced by C-Lance.

You can listen to it wherever you prefer to listen to music. I wanna thank every single one of you for your kind messages after it was released on Sunday. I appreciate it so so so much! xx 


The Bridge & The Abyss

Hi guys! I hope yall are doing well. I haven’t posted anything here in a while but I wanted to tell you that Jedi Mind Tricks’ new album «The Bridge and the Abyss» is out! It dropped on June 22nd and I’m so proud of my fam. It’s such a great album. 

My favorite tracks from this album is «Marciano’s Reign», «What She Left Behind», «San La Muerte» and «You Have One Devil but Five Angels». What are yours? 


Btw!!! Jedi Mind Tricks The Bridge and the Abyss tour starts in September. Europe tour dates will come later this year. 


I’m blessed and forever grateful to be a part of this album. I remember recording my vocals for «Making a Killing» a couple of years back without and idea of how it would turn out in the end. Gotta say I’m so proud of Vinnie. It’s about animals’ rights and the meat industry. This journey means so much to me..I can’t even put words to it! Xx 

Lots of love,


Marciano’s Reign

Hi guys! I hope you’ve had a good weekend. I’ve been spending some time with my lil sis. We played «need for speed» and it’s hilarious how crazy I act while playing it. Lol. So much fun though and I love my sister sooo much!! 


Today it’s only 4 days left till «The Bridge & The Abyss» drops. Friday is the day, guys! Another single dropped a few days ago. I’m so proud of Vinnie. «Marciano’s Reign» is hands down one of the most beautiful and emotional songs I’ve ever heard. 

Fresh ink!

Hi guys! How are you? I haven’t posted here in a few days and that’s just because I haven’t had a lot to write about. I’ve also been working on my new single and I can’t wait to share it with you! 

Yesterday I got some more ink on my body! I’ve been wanting something above my knees for a while and a few weeks back I finally decided what I wanted to get. Some of you have probably seen it on Instagram and Facebook already but I wanted to share it on my blog too. I love em! 


I decided to get two of JMT’s album titles. «The Thief & The Fallen» was the beginning of it all for me and «The Bridge & The Abyss» is the 2nd album I’m joining. I can’t describe with words how grateful I am for Vinnie and everything this journey has taught me about  music, life and myself. Blessed. This will mean so much to me for the rest of my life and I’m super happy about the result! 


 «The Bridge & The Abyss» drops on June 22nd! Xx 

Family time

Morning, guys! I woke up a few hours ago and I’ve already had about 3 cups of coffee. I love days like this cause I hate being stressed in the morning. Lol. Who doesn’t? 

I’m gonna spend this Saturday with my family. It’s been a while since we had a whole day together..gonna be amazing! I don’t really know what we’re gonna do except for cook and chill. And that’s all I need! 


Talk soon! Xx  

Two weeks left!

It’s finally Friday!! Friday also means we’re one week closer to the release date! «The Bridge & The Abyss» drops in only 2 weeks today. I can’t wait to sit down and listen to the whole record when it drops. So so so excited!  


Their new «The Bridge & The Abyss» merch is mad dope, btw. They’ve got hoodies, tees and so much more. I can’t wait to order some stuff for my man and I :) Rocking JMT this year! You can find everything here: www.jmtstore.com  


I wish yall a great weekend. Plus I wanna say thank you for visiting my blog! It makes me smile! Talk soon, guys! Xx 

My writing process!

Hi, family! I hope yall are doing well. I’m finally starting to get my writing inspiration back after weeks without it. I think it’s because of the weather. Anyways! I thought I could tell you about my writing process and what I usually do when I write. 

Pen & paper. I prefer to use a pen and paper when I write. If I suddenly feel like writing and it’s not available, I use my phone. But to me it’s something special using a pen and paper. It feels more artistic and real. But that’s me! 


Beats or simple piano chords. I’ve got a whole bunch of beats and piano instrumentals to write to. When I pick a beat to write to, I don’t necessarily use the same beat or instrumental for the song in the end. That’s because I often get a different idea for the instrumental during the writing process. Sometimes I find it easier to play some simple chords on the piano and write the whole thing before we start producing it any further. 


Headphones/monitors. I play the beat/instrumental from my computer like this through either headphones or monitors. Doing it this way makes it very easy to fast forward, rewind, pause, play or whatever. If I’m writing on my phone, I always copy the track and put it in to my notes. I never use the mac/iPhone speakers while I write no matter what! They suck big time. Lol. 


Ideas & inspiration. I’m not sure how I’m gonna explain this for you guys cause even I don’t know where my ideas come from. They just pop up in my head whenever. In times when I feel less inspired to write, it often helps me to watch movies or force myself to think about the past. I prefer the first one. Lol. Not those «life’s so good» kinda movies..I mean deep, dark, sad movies that makes you think. You know when you just sit there and need some time to process what you just watched. Those kinda movies! 

Another thing I do sometimes is to draw. While I’m drawing I often get an idea of what kinda words I wanna have as a part of the song or the hook I’m working on. I write down a few words that make me feel something and close to every single time I find it easier to write more when I already have something. This is a thing I absolutely love doing! 


These are actually the words I started out with when I wrote «The Devil»! 

I hope this gave you a little new motivation and inspiration if you’re having a hard time these days :) Remember this; writing is always a good thing! 


Style inspo: 1 jacket - 3 outfits

This jacket is one of my favorite jackets. I wear it during summer, spring, fall and winter. That's Norway 4 ya. I've put together 3 outfits using the same jacket. I like doing things like this so I know what kinda clothes I've got and which clothes that look good together. It’s time to wear skirts again! The weather is pretty good these days but it can change in a second. These outfits are great for both day and night.  


IMG_2629 (1).jpg


IMG_2608 (1).jpg


IMG_2618 (1).jpg


IMG_2602 (1).jpg

Which one is your favorite? Xx

One of the best moments of my life!

Hi guys! How’s your weekend been? We’ve been having so much fun. Had a little studio session on Friday. I only wrote a few notes while the guys recorded some stuff. I love having studio sessions without any pressure and focus on me. Lol. Plus I feel more inspired to write in the studio during summer because I forget about the weather outside when I’m there. It’s perfect. 


As I mentioned in my last post; yesterday was the known «musikkfest» day in Oslo. It’s a day we celebrate music and artists from dusk till dawn. I actually read there’s about 500 different shows during that day. This year was my second time experiencing it and we had such a great time. The weather was perfect too! 


We decided to spend the whole day by one single stage, and later on we got to know that our close friend had a show in Oslo too. Have you ever heard of the rapper «Son of Light»? He’s such an amazing person and artist. He had a show together with another artist named Numa Edema. Numa’s vocals though...DAMN! So fucking great. Seeing them doing their thing last night was hands down one of the best moments of my life. 


They released a new project together on Friday. They go by the name «Aeronautics» and their new project is called «Emergency Exits». 


Much love!! Xx  

Friday, new JMT single and more!

Morning, guys! It’s Friday morning and I’ve just had my breakfast. I’m trying to eat food that’s good for my body these days. Plus I try REALLY hard to drink a lot of water and iced tea. This heat is kinda hard to deal with...I feel like I’m about to faint several times during the day. Where’s the fun in that?

Anyways...I had a pretty good breakfast today! What do you like to eat during summer? I’m not very good at making food when all I wanna do is to eat ice cream and drink anything that’s cold. I’m trying my best but I could really need some food inspiration these days. Staying hydrated is key but I also need food and energy.


Tomorrow is a big day in Norway/Oslo! Every single year it’s a festival thing in Oslo called «musikkfest» (music celebration in English). There are both small and big shows all around the city and it’s so much fun. As some of you already know I’m not a big fan of being around too many people at once but I really wanna be a part of this day. Seeing other artists live is a good thing for me and my stage fright. 


JMT dropped another single today! It’s called «You Have One Devil but Five Angels». Check it out, guys! I’m so proud of my fam! And in only 3(!!!) weeks they drop their new album «The Bridge and The Abyss». So excited! 

Love you!! Xx 

Norwegian woods

Hi guys! Do you like hiking? One thing I love about Norway is the nature we have here. Peaceful, beautiful and personal space. It’s a very common thing to go hiking in the woods in Norway. We do it all the time. Even though the nature here often look the same, you always see something new every single time. Tiny spots like water, unique trees and mountains. Even some animals if you’re lucky. It also gives me inspiration to write. Especially if I see a mysterious, dark place (of course). You can call it therapy. 

I took these photos when we went hiking on Monday. It was lovely. I think we spent about 3 hours in the woods! Looking forward to many more days like this!  


Doesn’t it look beautiful?!  

Talk soon, guys! Xx  

Orange sweater

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this yet, but I rarely wear anything colored. My closet is filled with black clothes. When I open my closet, all I can see is black clothes, some jeans and one red top (with some black on it). I just got some new clothes from a good friend of mine. I don’t think I would’ve bought them myself just because whenever I go shopping I always end up getting dark clothes.

But look at this guys! I’m such a big fan of this sweater!!! It’s super comfy! 


Of course I wore it with black adidas sneakers and matching socks. Lol. I’m gonna try to get some more colored clothes in the future...there are so many different colors and dope outfits out there! 

Much love! Xx