The meaning of «30 or 22»

Jeg skriver dette innlegget på engelsk fordi jeg har en del følgere på Facebook & Spotify som ikke er fra Norge ❤

I’m gonna make a post about my latest release «30 or 22». It’s produced by C-Lance and was released on September 16th, 2018.

Before it was released, I honestly didn’t worry that much about what it would sound like to others – what they were going to think. Unfortunately, my mom has been asked some uncomfortable questions since the day it came out. «It’s so sad, you must be so worried about her?» is probably the most common one. This is my song and I’m the only one who knows the true meaning of it, yet they ask her. The fact that they do is something I kinda understand because they obviously worry about me. I just wanna explain what this song means – there’s absolutely no reason to freak out over these lyrics.

Life has no guarantees. I think we all know this by now. Many of us have lost a friend, a family member, someone close to us. Life is fascinating and beautiful but it’s also fragile as fuck. I have lost and loved, just like you. A few years back I was very, very sick and I’ve made it through something I at times doubted I ever would.

This song is simply just a tribute to my loved ones and to all of you. To life, really. I wanted to write something that’s gonna be out there forever, and I wanted to do it now – because you never know what happens tomorrow, next month, next year. I’m blessed to be alive. Every single day is a blessing to me and to feel this way is a blessing itself. I take nothing for granted and I hope I never will.

There are people I would die for if I ever have to, and this is a part of the message in «30 or 22». The fact that I say this does not mean there’s anything to worry about. It’s one of many ways for me to show how much I love them. I’m grateful to be alive. Life is fascinating and every single challenge I’ve faced so far has helped me become stronger and taught me many things.

Thank you for reading this. You can listen to «30 or 22» everywhere 🙂 

Love you ❤


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En kommentar om “The meaning of «30 or 22»

  1. Takk, Thea for at du skrev denne fine teksten! Jeg ble veldig bekymret for deg da jeg hørte denne sangen, men siden vi ikke har så mye kontakt lengre er det vanskelig å vite hvor man skal kanalisere dette. Men, du har jo rett, det er jo bare til deg den bør komme! Vi er mange mennesker som er glade i hverandre, selv om vi hverken sier det til hverandre eller ser hverandre. Det er jo rart, men vi har vel en liten bit av hverandre i hjertene våre❤️ Du skal i alle fall vite at du har en bit av hjertet mitt💕 Stor klem


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