Questions & answers – January 2019

Happy Friday! 🙂

I’ve received some questions after I posted an «ask me anything» post, and I’m gonna answer those questions now!

What inspires you to write music?
– Everything. I don’t feel inspired to write 24/7, though. If I write a song and finish the recordings, I often need a break before I start working on a new one. Talking to people, piano melodies, books, old notes and movies are the things that inspire me the most. And music documentaries!


Are you planning to post anything fashion and style related? Would be awesome 😀
– Honestly I haven’t really planned out what I want my blog to be like. I love dope clothes and sneakers so maybe I’ll post something related to that in the future. Thank you so much for giving me ideas ❤

I’ve seen on your Instagram that you have a boyfriend and I wonder if he’s gonna be a part of your blog?
– Aw, that’s cute! I let him decide whether he wanna be a part of my blog or not. If I wanna post a picture of us on social media, I always ask him first. You’ll probably see a picture or ten with him, I’m sure – just not in every single blog post 🙂

IMG_1791 (1) (2).jpg

Have you ever been to the US? If so, where have you been and what did you do?
– Yes, I have. I went there with my best friend Marte about 2 1/2 years ago. We visited Craig(C-Lance) in Boston and then we all drove to Philly. I got to see the Rocky steps in real life and I’m still super happy about that 😀 That’s one thing I really wanted to do in Philly, lol.

usa_collage (1)
Forever supporting C-Lance!

Can you make more covers on YouTube?
– Yes! This is something I love doing and I can’t wait to share more stuff with y’all on YouTube. Just have to wait until our home studio is 100%.

Love your tattoos, Thea. Which one is your fav?
– I appreciate it! Thank you! I think my absolute favorite is the one with the two boxing gloves on my neck. It’s made by Ryan Bloom (ryanbloom_otr on IG). He’s amazingly talented! Go follow him 😀


Loved your questions and I hope you’re happy with my answers. If there’s anything else you wanna know, just leave a comment ❤


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