Yo! I wanna show you the best hoodie in the whole world. It’s actually a story behind how I got this hoodie. C-Lance and a friend of his came to Norway for a visit in November 2016 and we were going to see La Coka Nostra live in Oslo. It was starting to get really cold outside because winter was just around the corner, but actually it’s always pretty cold in Norway. So...C-Lance’s friend borrowed me his hoodie before the show. They told me I didn’t have enough clothes on(and they were right). The show was so GREAT btw and it was my first time seeing La Coka Nostra live. Anyways...I had to go home to my family the day after the show and I didn’t get to see Craig and his buddy before they left. I think I’ve made my point by now; this hoodie isn’t really mine. I obviously love it for being a JMT hoodie but the fact that it’s not mine and I gotta give it back makes me love it even more. Lol. 


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I also wanna thank you for watching my video! I hope yall are doing well. Much Love :)