Stage fright

Stage fright is a pretty common issue for a lot of people. Especially in the beginning of a musical journey. I’ve been dealing with stage fright my entire life, even before I started singing. I remember the first time I went to a studio to record something. It was terrible. I don’t think I’ve ever been as nervous as I was that day. I was shaking and I felt sick to my stomach. It was my first time ever to sing when there was another person in the room with me. 

Stage fright is something that’s been bothering me and still bothers me a lot and I don’t know how my articles I’ve read or how many videos I’ve watched to get better. The only thing that’s helped me personally is to sing infront of people no matter how nervous I feel. It has also helped me a lot when there’s someone there to push me and motivate me to do it. We all gotta start somewhere. To me there’s a difference between recording harmonies and main vocals in the studio. I prefer to record my main vocals at home. Not only because I still get nervous in the studio but also because I got plenty of time and as many takes as I want. I want everything to be perfect but obviously the main vocals stand the most out. Being in the studio is mad fun and inspiring but I always seem to feel some kinda pressure about finishing my recordings in a shorter period of time. This has gotten a lot better though. Of course there’s always gonna be bad takes and bad days but there’s good takes and good days too. That’s just the way it works. 

Back to stage fright...I’ve actually never been on a stage before. That’s how bad my stage fright is. Just the thought of it makes me super nervous. It’s definitely something I wanna do in the future and I’m trying to change the way I feel about it every single day to get to the point where I’m more ready. I say «more ready» because I don’t think I’ll ever feel 100% READY. I don’t think I’m doing myself a favor when I keep waiting either. Lol. 

Since the day I started singing it’s been a thing I’ve done for myself. And a thing I‘ve only done when I‘ve been alone. Writing too. It hasn’t been easy for me to push myself out of my comfort zone but with time it gets better. I’ve learned that I gotta keep challenging myself. Like I said, that’s the only thing that’s been working for me. It’s not easy but it’s not supposed to be easy. Diciplin and challenging yourself is key. It’s ok to make some bad recordings as long as the final result ends up being the way you want. It’s also common to look back at stuff you’ve done in the past like writings and recordings and think that you could’ve done it differently or better. That’s why it’s so important to give it your best every single time so you know you did your best when you listen to it in the future. Also...the moment you think you can’t get any better, you might as well quit. You’ll ALWAYS grow and learn new things about yourself and that is a very good and exciting thing.