A sunny Sunday in Oslo

Hi guys!

I hope this weekend has treated you well. It's finally starting to get a lil bit warmer in Norway. My man and I are pet sitting this AMAZING dog named Theodor. Oh, how I miss having a dog. I like dogs way better than people. We took him for a walk in Oslo today and the weather was beautiful. There are still a lot of places I haven't seen in Oslo and today I saw one of Norway's prisons. Not the inside of it though. I'm thinking about making a video where I talk about the prisons we got here in Norway just because shit's way different over here.  

Anyways! I took some photos today and here they are!


My loves!


It was warm enough outside to wear one of my cropped tops today! I LOVE cropped tops and I can't wait to wear them more often again. 


Prison walls...imagine if these were filled with graffiti. It would be so amazing if these walls were one of the legal graffiti spots in Norway. Even though we've got few legal spots, there are pretty many walls filled with graffiti anyway. One day I'm gonna take pictures of some dope pieces here in Norway and show you guys!  


As you can see in the photo below we made tacos for dinner today. How do you guys like yours? I've seen so many different ways to make tacos. Lol.


Talk soon! Much love xx