My new blog!

Hi guys! I asked you on Instagram if I should write my blog in Norwegian or English, and close to 80% voted for English. SO. Here I am! I guess some of you already know some things about me, but I'll introduce myself anyway. 

My name is Thea and I was born in a small town in Norway on February 27th, 1996(which is also the year Jedi Mind Tricks started). I LOVE music, especially hiphop from the 90's. I started writing my own stuff when I was 16. In 2015, I joined Jedi Mind Tricks on their song "In the Coldness of a Dream" from their album "The Thief and the Fallen" and I'm forever grateful for all the love and support they've given me since then. 

My blog will obviously be about music, but also my everyday life. Maybe I'll even write some stuff about my struggles and darkest hours. I don't know if I'll ever feel comfortable sharing things like this with the "whole world" but you never know!

If there's anything you guys wanna see on my blog, please leave a comment below. Write your comment followed by "Post comment" and "Comment as Guest" :) 

Thanks for your support!