Sunny days

Hi! How are you? The weather in Norway is so sunny and hot these days! It takes some time to get used to this kinda heat. I’m happy about it but at the same time I’m not. Lol. I think it’s because I rarely feel inspired to write these days..just because everyone around me is so happy and the sun is shining. 


I usually lose my appetite during summer. I don’t mean to sound like I complain cause I eat no matter what! These days I eat a lot of ice cream and different types of salads. Blessed to have a man who knows how to cook! 


I absolutely love salads. The more types of vegetables, the better! One thing I love is to fry some onions, mushrooms and squash and mix it all with the salad after it’s cooled down. 


So tasty!!! I also make homemade iced tea every single morning. With much easier to drink than just water. Lol. 

Have a great Friday, guys! Xx