A beautiful place in Norway

Hi guys! I hope you've had a great weekend. We went to a cabin close to the ocean in a place called Tofte. Honestly it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in Norway. I actually haven't seen that many places in Norway but I've seen some. We relaxed all weekend which was just what I needed. I’m dealing with migraines these days. We got some more ink too. Our buddy's a tattooist and he's the one who's working on my sleeve. I also wrote some notes for a couple of new hooks I'm working on. I mean...is there a better place to get inspired than this? 


I never understand the way I work when it comes to writing. As you can see; this place is so beautiful, right? The sun was shining all weekend, we could see boats on the water and colors everywhere. How did my writings turn out? Sad as fuck. Lol. 


And now..the needle and the ink! I love getting tattooed and I love tattoos. I got two goldfishes around my arm and a lion on my elbow this time. We only finished the lines but I'm gonna show you the result when they're 100% done. 


My man tattooed himself which is something he usually does when he gets an opportunity to do it. He's a great drawer but no tattooist...at least not yet. It sure is fun to watch though and he's getting better!


Talk soon, guys! xx