Friday, new JMT single and more!

Morning, guys! It’s Friday morning and I’ve just had my breakfast. I’m trying to eat food that’s good for my body these days. Plus I try REALLY hard to drink a lot of water and iced tea. This heat is kinda hard to deal with...I feel like I’m about to faint several times during the day. Where’s the fun in that?

Anyways...I had a pretty good breakfast today! What do you like to eat during summer? I’m not very good at making food when all I wanna do is to eat ice cream and drink anything that’s cold. I’m trying my best but I could really need some food inspiration these days. Staying hydrated is key but I also need food and energy.


Tomorrow is a big day in Norway/Oslo! Every single year it’s a festival thing in Oslo called «musikkfest» (music celebration in English). There are both small and big shows all around the city and it’s so much fun. As some of you already know I’m not a big fan of being around too many people at once but I really wanna be a part of this day. Seeing other artists live is a good thing for me and my stage fright. 


JMT dropped another single today! It’s called «You Have One Devil but Five Angels». Check it out, guys! I’m so proud of my fam! And in only 3(!!!) weeks they drop their new album «The Bridge and The Abyss». So excited! 

Love you!! Xx