My writing process!

Hi, family! I hope yall are doing well. I’m finally starting to get my writing inspiration back after weeks without it. I think it’s because of the weather. Anyways! I thought I could tell you about my writing process and what I usually do when I write. 

Pen & paper. I prefer to use a pen and paper when I write. If I suddenly feel like writing and it’s not available, I use my phone. But to me it’s something special using a pen and paper. It feels more artistic and real. But that’s me! 


Beats or simple piano chords. I’ve got a whole bunch of beats and piano instrumentals to write to. When I pick a beat to write to, I don’t necessarily use the same beat or instrumental for the song in the end. That’s because I often get a different idea for the instrumental during the writing process. Sometimes I find it easier to play some simple chords on the piano and write the whole thing before we start producing it any further. 


Headphones/monitors. I play the beat/instrumental from my computer like this through either headphones or monitors. Doing it this way makes it very easy to fast forward, rewind, pause, play or whatever. If I’m writing on my phone, I always copy the track and put it in to my notes. I never use the mac/iPhone speakers while I write no matter what! They suck big time. Lol. 


Ideas & inspiration. I’m not sure how I’m gonna explain this for you guys cause even I don’t know where my ideas come from. They just pop up in my head whenever. In times when I feel less inspired to write, it often helps me to watch movies or force myself to think about the past. I prefer the first one. Lol. Not those «life’s so good» kinda movies..I mean deep, dark, sad movies that makes you think. You know when you just sit there and need some time to process what you just watched. Those kinda movies! 

Another thing I do sometimes is to draw. While I’m drawing I often get an idea of what kinda words I wanna have as a part of the song or the hook I’m working on. I write down a few words that make me feel something and close to every single time I find it easier to write more when I already have something. This is a thing I absolutely love doing! 


These are actually the words I started out with when I wrote «The Devil»! 

I hope this gave you a little new motivation and inspiration if you’re having a hard time these days :) Remember this; writing is always a good thing!