The Bridge & The Abyss

Hi guys! I hope yall are doing well. I haven’t posted anything here in a while but I wanted to tell you that Jedi Mind Tricks’ new album «The Bridge and the Abyss» is out! It dropped on June 22nd and I’m so proud of my fam. It’s such a great album. 

My favorite tracks from this album is «Marciano’s Reign», «What She Left Behind», «San La Muerte» and «You Have One Devil but Five Angels». What are yours? 


Btw!!! Jedi Mind Tricks The Bridge and the Abyss tour starts in September. Europe tour dates will come later this year. 


I’m blessed and forever grateful to be a part of this album. I remember recording my vocals for «Making a Killing» a couple of years back without and idea of how it would turn out in the end. Gotta say I’m so proud of Vinnie. It’s about animals’ rights and the meat industry. This journey means so much to me..I can’t even put words to it! Xx 

Lots of love,